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Introducing the owner and founders

Devon and Heather Magruder; owner and founders of God's Cavalry Rescue Ministry, On Fire for God (F.I.E.R.C.E. and Crusader), and Champions in Christ. Devon has been working with horses since a young age. He has trained barrel racing, roping and bulldogging. He has been training and breaking horses for years. Heather has been working and riding horses since she could walk. She has the gentle hand that she uses during her ground work breaking.

Devon and Heather are devout Christians and call Herriman Chapel in El Dorado Springs, MO their home church. They are both very involved in the church and have recently rededicated their lives to Christ. Devon is the Youth Group leader, Champions in Christ, every Sunday morning. And Heather has a group called F.I.E.R.C.E. that is an all women's group for women of any age that need any kind of help. Whether it be a one on one or a group, we meet at a bonfire and have worship and fellowship.

Meet the Board

Doug Cage



Doug Cage from El Dorado Springs, MO has been part of God’s Cavalry Rescue Ministry Services since its beginnings. Devon and Heather Magruder are some of the first friends Doug made after moving to El Dorado and soon found their common interests in Equestrian Ministry brought them together sharing the vision the Lord had given each of them.

Originally from Festus, MO; Doug grew up in the country and began helping in his uncles hay fields when he was only 8 years old and the bales were bigger than he was. By the time he was 13 years old he was working for neighboring farmers and by High School had two crews working for him contracting out to those same farmers.

Doug has been around horses most of his life and owned his own horses off and on throughout the years. 

As an ordained minister, Doug has been in the Preaching Ministry since 1979 and continued his career as a Firefighter alongside his preaching since he joined his first fire department in 1973. Doug ended his career as a Firefighter in 2013 as the full time Chief of a municipal department in central Missouri. 

A graduate of Midwest Christian College in Oklahoma City, OK, Doug is also a capable instructor having been an Adjunct Instructor for the University of Missouri Fire Rescue Training Institute for nearly 20 years. Doug has also taught High School History and for a short time taught for Drury University. His skills as an instructor along with the counseling experience he brings to God’s Cavalry Rescue Ministry should be a resource that gives many years of practical experience along with the other instructors and therapists working at the Ministry’s Ranch.  something interesting about your business here.

Kelly Delk



     Kelly is a lover of Jesus and all he stands for. She is an educator who is currently taking a break after 18 years in the classroom. She is actively involved in her Church. She says the Lord has been a huge and amazing part of her life. 

Kelly was a Missionary in Japan for a year. While there she taught at a Christian school teaching English to the Japanese and Korean adults as well as the children. This experience changed her life forever and she learned to fully trust and rely of God for everything. 

It is Kelly’s ultimate goal is to love like Jesus does. She is overly excited to see the wonderful things that God has planned for this Ministry and is super excited to be a part of it.Give customers a reason to do business with you.

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God's Cavalry Rescue Ministry

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By Appointment

We are open at all hours for our cavalry members in order to make sure that if you need us we are available. The only reason we do by appointment only on Sundays is so we can go and get our time in at our home church to feed ourselves the word of God. God bless you all and please feel free to contact us about anything you need.