God's Mission For Us

About God's Cavalry Rescue Ministry


 God’s Cavalry Rescue Ministry is a non-profit organization located in Stockton, Mo, with the vision of imparting truth, spiritual healing and purpose on today's generations. We envision the accomplishment of this through many different ways. These ways include (but are not limited to) camps, horse rescue trips, riding lessons, youth groups, horse training sessions and seminars. The camps and groups are an excellent atmosphere in which families and children can grow and enrich their lives with the Lord as well as each other. Each camp, group and event is different - but within each comes new opportunities to learn relevant life lessons from God's word.

By teaching God's children and young adults character qualities such as dependability, honesty, attentiveness and responsibility, it makes them more reliable, honorable and godly people. Teaching them leadership skills helps them realize they aren't just living for themselves but that others are following their examples. When you impart truth to people, it gives them purpose - and when people have a purpose in life it gives them a zest for life.

As a Christian organization, God's Cavalry Rescue & Ministry values the truths taught in the Bible and pursues being a Christ-centered organization in all we do. So, please come join us on our journey with God as we form and build lifelong relationships and memories together.

God's Mission


Today's youth and families are failing. They are without purpose, proper knowledge, passion or direction in their lives. It is the calling of God's Cavalry Rescue & Ministry to help any and all of God's children to understand and desire the purpose that God has for them. Most people suffer from a lack of direction, motivation and support to do the right thing in life.

Some statistics:

● Of all marriages, 50% end in divorce, leaving broken and shattered lives behind. 

● An estimated 1 million people commit suicide every year worldwide, leaving behind unexplained and unanswered questions.

● Children are being bombarded daily with what the world and society promotes and tells them to normalize, going against everything God stands for and everything Jesus died for.

In the world today we see where humanity as a whole, suffers from a lack of truth and purpose. 

It is the calling of God's Cavalry Rescue & Ministry to come alongside the children, young adults and families based on the biblical truths of God's word.

God's Goals & Objectives



  1. To give people a bigger vision than their current life
  2. To teach people about proper authority
  3. To teach people who God is
  4. To build a solid foundation for a dynamic life through Christ
  5. To give them a desire and passion to live a life for God
  6. To be set apart for his service
  7. To build a STRONG generation of Christian leaders in the world today as well as for the future


For children and young adults;

To impart a fire and purpose that Christ is to be the center and the motivation for their lives. To install a purpose in them that rises above the present generation to glorify God in every area of their lives. By capturing and nurturing their inner passion and desires, and encourage them to turn their hearts to the Lord, which will also turn their hearts to their parents and families.

For parents;

To inspire and encourage parents to take an active interest in not only the physical but also the spiritual lives of their children. By giving godly guidance, direction and protection to their children, parents can have the path for generations to become the Godly and purposeful men and women that God created them to be.

For families;

To encourage and inspire children and parents to focus and follow God and not the pleasures of the world. Families of today's generations have a self centered perspective on life that is causing so much damage, but with each member of the family seeking to do God's will in their life it will create purpose and a loving atmosphere in which to grow, mature and serve God.